When are Compression Socks Too Tight?

When are Compression Socks Too Tight?

Jun 10, 2022

When are Compression Socks Too Tight?

two people wearing knee-high socks

Keeping your feet comfortable is important, and when your compression socks are too tight they can easily become an annoyance. Whether you’re using them for neuropathy or you’ve been on your feet all day, compression socks help ease pain and relieve sore muscles. But to experience all the benefits, your socks need to fit. Too-tight socks cut off circulation and can actually do more harm than good, so it’s important to determine the tell-tale signs of ill-fitting socks. 

They just don’t feel right.

One of the first things you’ll feel if compression socks are too tight is discomfort. When you put on your socks, there should be some light compression, but it shouldn’t be painful. If your foot feels overly constricted and you’re unable to move freely, then you should get a larger size up in your compression socks

There’s a ring around your ankle.

Another indicator is if the socks are leaving a mark on your skin. Tight socks cut off circulation and leave an indent in your skin where the elastic is. It’s not uncommon that socks leave marks on your skin, especially if you’re wearing them with shoes. If the elastic is digging into your skin and even causing itching, it’s time to go up a size. 

Your skin changes color.

Compression socks are designed to increase blood flow and support your foot muscles. While they do have a somewhat restrictive nature, they should never cut off circulation. When compression socks are too tight, that’s just what they do. They restrict blood flow, rather than increasing it and can cause your skin to change color. Depending upon the degree, tight socks can cut off circulation so much that your skin will become a bright red or even get a bluish hue.

You can even get a skin infection that can cause heat, swelling, and tenderness on the affected skin. 

You can’t even get them on.

Compression socks are supposed to be tight, but not that tight! If you’re struggling a lot to get them on and can’t get them past your heel or ankle, your compression socks are too tight. Make sure your sock sizing matches up with your shoe size to ensure proper fit.

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