Face Coverings


As you go out and about during the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire to stay covered and comfortable are at the forefront of your mind. You’ve embraced wearing face coverings, but in the back of your mind is one burning question: “How can I keep a mask on for hours on end and still feel comfortable?”

Fortunately, we at Tommie Copper have both you and your fellow community members covered with our Community Wear cloth face masks and gaiters. With both adult and kids’ options available, our face coverings make it easier for you, your family, and those around you to breathe easier—in every sense of the word.

Tommie Copper + Face Masks = Comfort

Our new face masks and gaiters are made with moisture-wicking and highly breathable 4D stretch fabric and offer an ultra-comfortable texture. They also feature our patented Copper Znergy technology, which provides natural and permanent anti-odor benefits. And when it comes to fit, our masks and gaiters are unparalleled, thanks to a flexible nose bridge and thoughtful adjustability features throughout.

Tommie Copper face masks and gaiters are also reusable and machine washable, so you can always have a clean face covering at the ready. As long as you keep your Community Wear Face Covering over your nose and mouth, you can enjoy comfortable coverage no matter where you go.

Experience the Tommie Copper Difference Today!

Try our Tommie Copper Community Wear cloth face masks and gaiters today. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our masks can keep you covered and comfortable in the weeks and months ahead.