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So you’ve decided to purchase some wearable wellness gear. Pain relief and comfort through compression wear is amazing, but it’s important to know how best to use this technology with your body. Here you can learn from the experts at Tommie Copper®.

Learn About the Technology

Here at Tommie Copper® we infuse our patented Copper Znergy® technology into the fabric. Between the moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties of this tech, and the structural support of the targeted compression, this gear is a win-win. Here you can learn more about this wellness technology and how it works so you can use it with your body the way you need.

What to Wear

Not only will we show you all the ways our gear helps your body, we’ll also give tips and tricks on how to style these products so you can sport your compression wear all day long.

Read On

Have a specific question in mind about one of our products? Head on over to our FAQ page to get more information! Don’t wait to feel better and healthier, ease your pain now. Keep reading and checking back on new tips for wearable wellness. Shop our products today.

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