Back Support

Women’s Back Support

Working out, playing with the kids, or tending to your garden—these are the activities you love, before your back feels the effects. It’s unfortunate that some of life’s most stimulating and therapeutic activities can also end up causing our backs such discomfort. Fortunately, Tommie Copper has you covered with our back brace and other innovative back support solutions designed specifically for women.

Utilizing our exclusive fabrics and technologies, our women’s Tommie Copper lower back support tops, bottoms, sleeves, and braces provide elite lumbar support, while our innovations in shoulder and back support for women take wearable pain relief to new levels.

Options for Back Support for Women

At Tommie Copper, we are proud to offer a wide range of back support options for women. Slip into our Lower Back Support Tank for a discreet solution to tightness and backache in your lumbar region. Or, throw on our Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Leggings for versatile and stylish pain management that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Our back brace for women, meanwhile, provides the targeted relief and support you need for every turn, bend, and twist your busy schedule requires. Like all of our back support solutions, it’s designed for comfort and convenience, so you can easily wear it under clothing.

Experience Pain Relief with Tommie Copper Products Today

Founded in 2010, Tommie Copper makes high-level compression wear for men and women. Pain management and relief will always be our primary focus. Feel better now with our top-tier back brace and other women’s pain relief products today.