The New Zip-Up Shoulder Support Bra

It's time to upgrade your bra! Our fan-favorite Shoulder Support Bra now features a full-length front zipper making it easier than ever to get on and off. Upgrade to the next generation of bra for more confident posture and less pain.

Infrared Light Therapy with Christopher Meloni

Tommie Copper has an advanced weapon to fight pain and help you recover faster. Watch to find out how Infrared & Red Light Therapy Devices from Tommie Copper help Christopher Meloni keep up with his action-packed life.

Full Back Support Zip Up Shirt With Christopher Meloni

Tommie Copper is redefining compression with the Full Back Support Zip Up Shirt. It’s the ultimate muscle supporting, pain fighting, compression shirt that zips on easily.

Shoulder Support Bra

It’s time to upgrade your bra, for more confident posture and less pain. This next generation support bra is sure to be your new favorite.

Tommie Copper knows that to be your best every day, you can't let pain slow you down. Now, we have a new weapon to fight pain: Infrared & Red Light Therapy. Target your pain with powerful LED light!

"There's more to life than pain. At work, at the gym, and everywhere in between, Tommie Copper has my back. There's no way I could get through my day without it. You need this, trust me." - Christopher Meloni

Ready to take your pain relief and recovery routine to the next level? Tommie Copper introduces Infrared and Red Light Therapy devices. 60 high-powered LED lights reach deep into muscles and joints, working at the cellular level to enhance your relief and recovery. Now you have access to luxury therapy anywhere you go!

Imagine waking up well rested and feeling your best. Tommie Copper Zynergy® Mattresses provide support, relief, and recovery while you sleep, so you get your best night's rest and wake up ready to conquer the day!

Do you have back pain? Shoulder pain? Fight your pain with compression! Our innovative Shoulder Support Shirt and Lower Back Support Shirt utilize targeted compression to improve posture and relieve pain in your shoulders, back, and hips.
Now managing your lower back pain is as easy as getting dressed in the morning. Our new revolutionary new Lower Back Support Shirts are designed to stop lower back pain before it stops you.
Imagine a shirt that actually makes you feel better. Our top-selling Shoulder Centric Support Shirts feature ergonomic compression that promotes healthy posture for comfortable, effective relief of your achy shoulders and back.
Life is full of twists, lifts, and the aches that go with them. Luckily, we've got your back with two levels of comfortable relief. Our Compression Core Bands and Comfort Back Braces make it easy to find relief and get back to what's important.
Tommie Copper socks are a game-changer. Providing targeted compression at your arch, heel, Achilles, and ankle, and graduated compression up through the calf. Because when your feet feel great, you can be great.