Four Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Four Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Jun 28, 2022

Four Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

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When you’re having restless nights, it’s important to know how to sleep better naturally. Whether too much caffeine, stress, or even physical pain is keeping you awake, there are many things you can do to sleep better. At Tommie Copper®, we want to help everyone feel their best and sleep is a huge part of that. Instead of resorting to medications and high-risk prescriptions, these four tips for a better night’s sleep all stem from overall wellness practice that won’t cause dependency or drug-induced side effects.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Like most things, caffeine is generally just fine in moderation, but if you’re relying on it throughout the day to stay awake and energized, you may be relying on it too much. Coffee, sodas, and many foods all have this natural energizer that stimulates your body, but too much can result in jitteriness and an energy crash. If you want to know how to sleep better naturally, start by looking at your coffee or soda intake. If you’re consuming over 400 milligrams every day (that’s roughly four cups of coffee), you may want to try seeing how it feels to cut back.

Also, your consumption timing plays a large role. If you think caffeine is the culprit for your restless nights, consider this tip for a better night’s sleep: have a cut-off at least eight hours before you go to bed to give your body a chance to wind down.

Get More Exercise

Exercising regularly is widely understood to have a positive impact on sleep. Not only does it physically tire you out, but exercising also increases endorphins that can basically send sleep signals to your brain. This is on our list of how to sleep better naturally because it also has an added benefit of contributing to your overall health and aiding in pain management. But be careful of your timing. Because exercise releases endorphins, it can energize your body and raise your core temperature.

Think About Temperature

When it comes to tips for a better night’s sleep, this one can be customized to your liking. Room temperature plays a huge role in how we get comfortable and prepare for sleep. There’s nothing worse than a swelteringly hot room on a humid night with no escape—but a frigid room that leaves you chilly even under covers doesn’t work either. Typically, a comfortably cool room with your preferred blanket coverage is a great way to get better rest.

Mitigate Pain

Easier said than done, but if pain is keeping you up at night, eliminating or diminishing it before bed is a great way to help you learn how to sleep better naturally. Compression garments work for naturally and gently soothing aching joints and sore muscles, and even your mattress can help relieve pain.

Tommie Copper® is passionate about helping customers feel better and educating them with tips for a better night’s sleep, neck pain, yoga poses, and so much more. Our blog covers a variety of topics, and our compression wear is designed to naturally and effectively help you manage your pain. Learn more today!