Tommie Copper® Fitness: Six-Minute Desk Yoga Routine

Tommie Copper® Fitness: Six-Minute Desk Yoga Routine

Jul 20, 2021

Tommie Copper® Fitness: Six-Minute Desk Yoga Routine

Man reaching his arms up to stretch at his desk

Whether you work from home or at the office, doing desk yoga is a quick and easy way to add some movement into your day. After all, sitting in a chair all day, staring at a screen, and hardly ever moving can cause stiff joints and aching muscles. By doing yoga at your desk, you’re able to stretch your muscles and get your joints moving, all in a short window of time and without taking up too much space. At Tommie Copper®, we want to help people ease the pain of stiff joints, sore muscles, and aching body parts. Doing yoga at your desk is a simple step you can take to help relieve pain. Use our six-minute desk yoga routine below to feel better now!

Neck Stretch:

We’ll work our way from the top down. Start your desk yoga with some neck stretches. Sit up straight in your chair, center your head directly over your spine, and make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor. Slowly, tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder without lifting your shoulder or turning your head. Breathe in and out slowly, feeling the stretch on the left side of your neck.

Repeat this yoga at your desk on the opposite side.

Shoulder Rolls:

Next, release some tension in your shoulders. Sitting all day with our hands at a keyboard definitely causes strain on our shoulders, so it’s important to loosen them up. For this desk yoga move, sit up straight and raise one shoulder to your ear and slowly begin to rotate it. Do this on each side for thirty seconds each.

Woman in white shirt stretching her arms and hands in an office

Chair Twist:

Working our way down to the back on this yoga at your desk routine, the Chair Twist is a great desk yoga move that will loosen up your back. First, move to the edge of your chair and make sure your feet are flat on the ground. Next, shift your knees to one side, so you’re sitting diagonally on the chair. Move your opposing arm to the back of the chair, lift your spine, and press deeper into the stretch if you need it.

Slowly breathe in and out and repeat on the other side.

Chair Pigeon Pose:

The lower back is often a common pain point for people sitting at desks because of the pressure put on it all day. For this yoga pose, lift one ankle to the opposite knee and twist your body toward the elevated knee.

This will keep your spine in balance and provide a much-needed stretch to your lower back, hips, and thighs.

Desk Upward Dog Pose:

If you’re looking to stretch out your hip flexors with some yoga at your desk, do the desk upward dog pose. Stand up, bend forward so your back is at 90 degrees and your hands are lying flat on the desk. Shift your hips forward and use your arms to support your body. Lift your head up and stretch your core and hip flexors.

Ankle Rolls:

We’ll end our desk yoga routine seated with some ankle rolls. Simply place your feet on the floor and roll your ankles in circles!

At Tommie Copper®, we want to help our customers relieve their pain and feel better. Shop our compression wear today!