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Hip & Quad


Everyday Support

Everyday life can lead to aching hips, quads, ankles, and feet at the end of the day. Tommie Copper® Hip & Quad Core products give you the support you need while remaining free-moving and versatile, so you can comfortably wear them all day, anyday.


Extra Support

With ergonomic paneling and contoured stitching, Tommie Copper® Hip & Quad Performance gear gives you targeted compression for the support, pain relief, and improved recovery that anyone with an active lifestyle needs while still being comfortable enough to extend the benefits of compression for as long as you need them.


Ultimate Support

Combining our most effective compression techniques with our most innovative 4D stretch and Copper Znergy® technology, Tommie Copper® Hip & Quad Pro-Grade wear provides maximum support, relief, and recovery benefits while still being anti-odor and providing UPF 50+ protection from UV rays.


Tommie Copper® Hip & Quad Pain Solutions

Tommie Copper® compression wear provides so many benefits, not the least of which is pain relief in your muscles and joints. That’s why we call it Wearable Wellness—between the pain relief, improved muscle recovery, and increased circulation, compression gear helps those who wear it live more comfortably every day.

Patented Copper Znergy® Technology

Copper Znergy® is literally in the fabric of Tommie Copper®. It provides permanent anti-odor benefits by preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes on the fabric. Copper Znergy® never washes out so you can confidently reach for your Tommie Copper® products without worrying about the smell.

Sizing Up Your Optimal Comfort

Compression only works while you’re wearing it. That’s why it’s important to get Tommie Copper® products in the right size. Make sure they’re comfortable enough to wear every day and find the size that’s perfect for you.

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