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Foot & Ankle


Everyday Support

Tommie Copper® gear provides compression benefits like improved circulation and better muscle recovery in one of the most complicated body parts, similar to our elbow and hand wear. Whether you’re on your feet for work or just working out, it’s lightweight and soft so you can wear it all day.


Extra Support

Heavyweight work with a lightweight feel, Tommie Copper® Performance Foot and Ankle wear supports your muscles and joints so you can keep moving. Our ergonomic paneling and cushioning along with contoured stitching create targeted compression that makes every step of your day easier.

Copper Znergy®

Ultimate Support

Footwear is infamous for being a little odorous. Not so with products from Tommie Copper®. Our patented Copper Znergy® technology prevents odor-causing microbes from growing on the fabric and never washes out of it, so the gear itself fights unpleasant scents at the source.


Foot and Ankle Wear Improving Performance

Feet and ankles are among the most important parts of our body for day to day life, but they are also among the least cared for. Take care of them with quality products that give them the support they need so they can keep taking you wherever you want to go.

The Benefits Of Compression

Compression increases circulation, aids muscle recovery, eases aches and pains, and helps reduce swelling. Tommie Copper® compression gear does it all and is still comfortable enough to wear all day. That’s why our Core and Performance foot and ankle wear are worth the investment. No other socks make you feel this good.

Keep It Just Tight Enough

Our Core and Performance foot and ankle gear are great, but they only work when you have them on. Maximize compression and comfort benefits by making sure you’re wearing the right size.

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