4 Tips for Improving Your Posture At Home

Jun 24, 2022

4 Tips for Improving Your Posture At Home

man at desk touching aching back

When it comes to improving posture, you can never learn too much. If you’re wondering what the best methods are for how to improve your posture at home, Tommie Copper® is here to help. Whether you’re looking to relieve tech neck pain or want to prevent future problems, here are a few simple tips for improving posture to get you feeling your best.

Be mindful.

Like most good habits you want to develop, you’ll have to think about it mindfully. It’s easy to slip into poor posture with hunched shoulders, but if you want to know how to improve your posture, especially at home, you’ll have to internalize the habit by practicing often and with intention. Remember to keep your shoulders back and stay centered. It can feel natural for us to lean forward, stick our chins out, and hunch shoulders—but if you want an easy tip to improve your posture, gently pull your shoulders back and squeeze your scapulae together for a more lifted look.

Keep surfaces at a comfortable level.

Whether you’re eating dinner or working at your desk, keeping surfaces at an appropriate level for your height is one of our top tips for improving posture. Our eyeline has everything to do with our posture, so if you’re writing at a desk that is too high, for example, you’ll probably scrunch up your shoulders. If you’re wondering how to improve your posture at home, make sure your TV is at a comfortable level. Too low and you’ll strain your neck looking down, and if it’s too high you’ll put extra tension and strain on your neck and shoulders.

Get up and stretch.

Sitting for long periods of time makes it even easier for our bodies to slip into poor posture. Stretching and moving around every hour or so are fantastic tips for improving posture, especially if you have a sedentary job. Incorporating yoga into your routine is an easy place to start as you’re learning how to improve posture at home. Not only does it help posture, it can strengthen your core and aid in digestion as well.

Wear supportive clothing.

Compression wear isn’t just great for pain management—it can also help your posture. Compression tops for men and women work to encourage good posture for more than just your back and can be worn all day.

High-quality compression wear can supplement any tip on this list because it goes where you do—it’s designed to do its job no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re exercising, sleeping, or scrolling on the couch, it’s a great way to improve your posture almost subconsciously.

At Tommie Copper®, we’re passionate about helping people improve their health and feel better. Whether you’re looking for tips on improving posture or want compression wear for aching joints, our team is committed to giving you what you need. Explore more from Tommie Copper®, the original trusted copper compression brand. We started it all, and we’re always incorporating new technology, like our TENS device, you help you perform your best. Shop now!