What Do Compression Garments Do for You?

What Do Compression Garments Do for You?

Aug 18, 2021

What Do Compression Garments Do for You?

A woman hiking and showing what compression pants can do

If you’ve ever seen our leggings online and asked yourself “what do compression pants actually do?”, you’re not alone. Compression is what we call “wearable wellness,” and it provides aid for your muscles and joints. But despite these great benefits it’s still not widely known or understood. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the benefits of having compression gear in your wardrobe.

Improve Athletic Performance

It's easy to imagine what compression garments do for serious athletes with intense training regimens and chiseled muscles But the rest of us can benefit from an improvement to our physical activity too, even if it’s just walking down the street. With support for your muscles and joints, increased muscle oxygenation, and reduced perception of muscle fatigue, whether you’re running a marathon or just running errands, compression helps.

Braces and sleeves on your knees and elbows steady the joints, keeping them stable and strong. As for those wondering, “What do compression garments do when they’re regular clothes?” — they ease inflammation, lessening pain in targeted areas of your body and helping you not feel it when your muscles start to get tired, letting you keep going and build up more strength.

Ease Repeated Daily Activities

A man working on his computer at home

You don’t have to move around a lot to benefit from compression, though. Even when you’re working from home, compression gear can support joints and ease soreness from repeated activities. You barely have to move at all to understand what compression garments can do for you.

A great compression back brace is one of the best ways to ease pain that comes from sitting for too long. It supports your lumbar in a way that even most office chairs can’t match to provide relief from backaches and improve your posture all day.

And while wrists often go overlooked, if you spend hours at your computer, you’ll find that they can get pretty sore. A wrist sleeve or compression glove will make it easy to get through the day’s worth of typing with no problem.

Help Blood Flow and Prevent Blood Pooling

Model of a human heart that works harder without what compression garments can do

The areas of our body that are the most likely to get sore are our  legs and feet. That’s because they have the hardest time with blood circulation. They’re the furthest body parts from the heart, and at the bottom of our structure, getting blood moving is also a fight against gravity. Regardless of whether you sit or stand on your feet all day, you might experience pain from blood pooling there.

So, to go back to the introduction’s question of “what do compression pants do,” the big answer is that they fight to solve that issue! The gentle squeezing of the compression gear encourages blood flow since there’s just less space there for the blood to sit in. That reduces aches in your legs and feet so you can keep moving wherever the day takes you.

Now you never have to wonder “what do compression garments do.” They’re helpful for easing pain and improving circulation in both athletics and everyday life.