Pounding the Pavement: Benefits of Compression Tights for Runners

Pounding the Pavement: Benefits of Compression Tights for Runners

Jul 22, 2021

Pounding the Pavement: Benefits of Compression Tights for Runners

Shot of man in mid-air as he runs down the road

Whether you’re new to running or have been doing it for years, there are a lot of compression tights for runners and other products to help you recover faster and perform your best. There’s plenty of research that shows wearing compression garments for running will help you get more out of your runs and recover faster. At Tommie Copper®, we want our customers to know all the benefits of compression, so here are the top five benefits of wearing compression tights for runners!

1. Recovery

If you’re training for a marathon or just trying to increase your mileage, wearing compression for running will help your muscles recover faster. The muscles in your body become sore due to the microtraumas caused by exerting yourself. If you want to recover faster, compression tights for runners increase circulation to your muscles and reduce the swelling of your microtrauma, allowing you to heal faster. 

2. Long-Term Impacts

There are some claims that wearing compression tights or socks will increase your speed and mile time right away. That’s not exactly the case. Wearing compression for running has a long-term impact on your running, improving endurance, regulating body temperature, increasing muscle oxygenation, and more. These are all things that contribute to you becoming a better runner and smashing your goals.

3. Reduce Risk of Injury

Whether you’re training or running for wellness, it’s important to avoid injuries. Wearing  compression tights for runners can help you stay in good shape and give your muscles and joints the support they need to help you perform your best and avoid injuries. Compression for running works by putting controlled pressure over key areas on your legs, reducing strain, increasing blood flow to muscles, and in turn, minimizing your risk of injury.

4. Fewer Cramps

It’s one of the worst by-products of running: cramping. Whether it’s a quad or calf muscle, cramping is something almost every runner has to deal with. Cramping is caused by a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, but compression tights for runners increase your circulation and blood flow. Increased blood flow enables your body to eliminate lactic acid and metabolic waste, preventing cramps. Cramping can also be related to an electrolyte imbalance, so check in on your hydration.

5. Reduce Fatigue

After a long run, your muscles are definitely fatigued. Fatigue is caused by the vibrations of your muscles from impact, but compression products for running work by reducing those vibrations, minimizing fatigue. This will keep your muscles fresh and reduce tissue damage.

At Tommie Copper®, we offer a collection of compression tights for runners, lifters, or just to wear for everyday use. If you want to provide your muscles with relief and support, we have what you need. We’re the trusted original copper compression brand. We started it all, and our compression tights, back braces, shirts, and more are here to help you perform your best every day. Shop Tommie Copper® today!