Your Questions, Answered: Why Do My Fingers Tingle?

Your Questions, Answered: Why Do My Fingers Tingle?

Aug 20, 2021

Your Questions, Answered: Why Do My Fingers Tingle?

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Most people experience this at least once in their lives. Whether it’s poor circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, or an injury, we’ve all probably asked “why do my fingers tingle?” Why we get the feeling of pins and needles can be attributed to many things. Some are harmless and others are a bit more serious. Either way, it’s never fun to have tingling, numbness, or pain in your fingers, but luckily, there are a lot of wearable wellness products you can use to manage symptoms like this and feel better. So, let’s answer the question “why do my fingers tingle” and help get your hands back to where they should be! 


This disease can be a cause for why we get pins and needles in our hands. Numbness, pain, cramps, and tingling in the hands are just some of the side effects people with diabetes have to deal with. It’s medically called peripheral neuropathy, and what’s happening over time is high blood sugar is having an impact on your body and actually damaging your nerves. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Something anyone with busy fingers can relate to is carpal tunnel. This is one answer to “why do my fingers tingle?” and luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent it. Carpal tunnel is caused by pinched nerves in your fingers and can cause numbness, tingling, and pain. Something you can do to mitigate this pain is by wearing splints or compression wear. To prevent it, you should take breaks when you’re at the computer and using your smartphone, along with keeping your wrists straight when using a mouse and keyboard. 

Neck Injury

The neck may be far away from your fingers, but those nerves are connected! If you’re asking yourself “why do my fingers tingle?” after waking up with a pinched nerve or experiencing whiplash, your neck may be the answer. Because nerves in your neck are so sensitive and interconnect with other parts of your body, like the shoulders and hands, if something is strained there, your fingers may feel some of the pain too. 

Vitamin Deficiency

One of the least suspected culprits of why we get pins and needles in our fingers and hands is a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins E, B1, B6, B12, and niacin are crucial for maintaining healthy nerves. If there’s a deficiency or surplus of these in your body, then you could experience discomfort in the form of tingling, numbness, and even anemia. 


This is one of the more serious answers to ‘why do my fingers tingle’. Lyme disease and shingles are a couple of the common diseases that can be the reason for why we get pins and needles in our hands. If you think infection or disease may be causing your pins and needles, it’s important to seek medical advice. 

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