5 Tips for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief

5 Tips for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief

Aug 13, 2021

5 Tips for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief

A man with glowing red indicating lower back and hip pain needing relief

There are few things that can put you out of commission like discomfort in your lumbar area. If you experience frequent or severe pain, it’s worth discussing with your doctor. But if your pain is mild or fleeting, or you’re just looking for anything that will help on a day-to-day basis, here are some things you can do for lower back pain relief at home.

Get a Back Brace

Lower back pain can be triggered by a regular movement that is slightly off, and it throws your whole body out of whack. A simple way to find some lower back and hip pain relief is to give the area more support using a back brace.

Designed to be worn every day and give constant support, a  back brace allows you full freedom of movement while giving that delicate area of your body just a little extra help.

Use a Pillow to Support Your Lumbar

You may already have the tools to get some lower back pain relief at home. If you work at a desk, you might be accidentally slumping in your chair, which puts extra pressure on your lumbar.

This has a pretty easy fix: grab a pillow and stick it behind your lower back to support the area while working. It relieves the pressure on this sensitive spot so if you do it consistently, you should experience less pain.

Drawing of a man bending over from pain in his lower back

Improve Your Posture

Of course, people sometimes slump while standing as well, which still puts pressure on your lumbar. So another way to get lower back and hip pain relief is to focus on standing up straight with your shoulders down, back, and relaxed. Make sure you are distributing your body weight along the spine instead of focusing it on your lower back.

If bad posture is a bad habit of yours, there are plenty of products out there that will help you self-correct, like our men’s or women’s Shoulder Support Shirts.

Stretch Every Day

There are many possible causes for back pain, but most of them will benefit from some gentle stretching. There are countless tutorials on the Internet with easy exercises that lead to lower back and hip pain relief.

Take these slowly, because you can injure yourself by stretching the wrong way. But so long as you take it easy and pay attention to how your muscles feel, it can be an effective way of easing your pain.

Get Quality Rest

The easiest way to get lower back pain relief at home is just to sleep! But make sure you’re getting quality rest. Tossing and turning means your lumbar is getting a workout right when it should be at ease.

Create a nighttime routine to make it easier to fall asleep, shut off electronics an hour before bedtime, and get a  mattress that offers the right level of support so your muscles can recharge just like your brain.

Pain in your lumbar area, right at the center of your body, can make it difficult for you to move at all. But with these tips for lower back and hip pain relief, you’ll be back to bouncing around as normal in no time!