Shoulder Support Shirts

Shoulder Support Shirts

Our #1 seller for posture support and pain relief!

Shoulder Centric™ Support Shirt

We created our compression shirt for shoulder support to be the comfortable, convenient, versatile solution for keeping those aches and pains in your back, shoulders, and neck at bay.

Our shoulder compression shirt supports your muscles and joints to provide you additional comfort as you sit, stand, and move about. The goal of our compression shirts is to keep your joints and muscles stabilized and properly aligned during full range of motion, to keep you feeling and performing at your best throughout the day.

Compression Shirt Perks

At Tommie Copper, we offer shoulder compression shirts for both men and women. These shirts provide targeted compression for your shoulders, while helping retract the shoulder blades for improved posture. They also offer compression at the muscles near your spine, for enhanced recovery and relief after long days of bending, twisting, and lifting.

Our support shirt design is innovative, featuring ergonomic seaming and strategic compression panels that combine to offer maximum support. You can easily wear our support shirts underneath your clothes thanks to their sleek and comfortable design. A top seller here at Tommie Copper, our customers have called them the magic tool for relieving their pains and encouraging a healthy, upright posture.

Receive Shoulder and Back Relief

No matter how much time you spend sitting or moving, you can be confident that Tommie Copper compression shirts will move right along with you. We make our compression apparel to keep you comfortable for long periods, and the Copper Znergy technology we use to keep the fabric odor-free will never wash out. Try out our shirts today.