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Pro-Grade Infrared & Red Light Therapy Flex Wrap

Pro-Grade Infrared & Red Light Therapy Flex Wrap


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  • Equipped with 60 high-powered LED microchips
  • Great for temporary relief of minor pain associated with arthritis and more
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation to aid in relief and recovery
  • Integrated USB-rechargeable battery with extended run time
  • Convenient 20-minute sessions each day deliver advanced relief
  • Copper Znergy® anti-odor fabric technology keeps device fresh
  • Ideal for use on back and body (8" x 3.5" treatment area)


Harness the power of light therapy and take your pain relief routine to advanced new levels. Our Infrared and Red Light Therapy Flex Wrap combines 880nm infrared light with 660nm red light to reach deep into joints and tissues, for relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience during the 20-minute sessions, our Infrared and Red Light Therapy Wrap will become a favorite part of your daily recovery routine.


Refer to User Guide for full Instructions & Precautions before using this medical device. Contact your Doctor if you have any additional medical questions regarding use of this device.

System Includes

  • Tommie Copper® Infrared & Red Light Therapy Flex Wrap
  • Adjustable Compression Straps (2)
  • USB Power Adapter
  • USB Power Cord
  • User Guide

User Guide and Warranty Information

Infrared Light
Infrared Light Therapy technology combines 880nm Infrared Light with 660nm Red Light to reach deep into joints and tissues with advanced recovery and relief benefits.

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Our Copper Znergy® fabric technology provides permanent anti-odor benefits by preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes. It's 100% infused into all of our garments and won't wash out.


Maintenance: It is important to keep Infrared & Red Light Therapy Device clean. There are no user serviceable parts in the device. Device includes only an On/Off button. All settings are set at the factory. Use only supplied power adapter

Cleaning: Turn device off and unplug from any power source. Clean the LED lights with alcohol wipes or damp cloth. Allow to dry completely before using.

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Feel Better with Infrared Wraps

Tommie Copper®’s infrared wraps are portable and help provide pain relief at home or on the go. Each wrap is rechargeable and designed to reach deep into muscles and joints that are sore or stiff. Our red light therapy body wrap is lightweight and comfortable so you get pain relief that is portable and convenient.

Get Deep and Effective Relief

If you are suffering from discomfort, a red light therapy body wrap could help. Our infrared wrap is convenient and gentle. It provides restorative therapy to the body to help promote healing and recovery.

The gentle warming effect helps relax tight muscles, while the near-infrared and red light wavelengths penetrate into deep muscle layers to reach the source of your discomfort. The infrared wrap can be applied to various areas of the body including the back, shoulders, neck, legs, and arms. It’s rechargeable, portable, and it features Copper Znergy® technology to help prevent odor-causing bacteria.

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If you suffer from painful muscles or joints, Tommie Copper® infrared wrap products can help. We have a large selection of wraps that fit different parts of the body to provide comprehensive pain relief. Our infrared wraps can help temporarily improve blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, and relieve pain and discomfort. Tommie Copper® is a trusted name in portable pain management. If you are suffering from pain in one or more areas of your body, a red light therapy body wrap could provide you with relief. Shop our products today!

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