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Pro-Grade Ultimate Support

Pro-Grade Infrared & Red Light Therapy Joint Wrap

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Infrared Pain Relief for Aching Joints

Experience infrared pain relief from Tommie Copper®! We designed this infrared light therapy for back pain and aching joints to target and help relieve your pain. Whether you’ve had a tough day on the job or your arthritis is flaring up, infrared pain relief can help.

The Original Copper Compression Brand

At Tommie Copper®, we’re always looking to offer you the best. We’ve been setting the standard for copper compression wear for years, and now we’re bringing infrared light therapy for back pain, stiff knees, and more straight to you. Our team of experts has done years of research to bring you the latest in pain relief. Whether you’re searching for an infrared pain relief solution or want a classic pair of compression pants, Tommie Copper® has what you need. All our products are designed to be worn all day, and with our unique Copper Znergy® technology, you’ll never have to worry about odor or moisture. After all, compression only works when you wear it, so all our items can be worn comfortably for hours on end.

Feel Better Now!

Let Tommie Copper® help you feel better now! Our compression clothes for women and men have you covered from head to toe. Plus, we offer topical pain relief gel and spray, so you can bring pain relief with you wherever you go! Whether you’re looking for the latest in infrared pain relief or need support from a Tommie Copper® back brace, we have you covered.

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