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Pro-Grade Ultimate Support

Pro-Grade Infrared & Red Light Pain Therapy Wrap

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Versatile Infrared Body Wraps

Experience the latest in pain relief technology from Tommie Copper® with our infrared therapy wrap! This versatile and adaptable wrap is designed to penetrate deep into muscles and joints to provide you with superior pain relief like no other. Our Infrared body wraps can be used for knees, elbows, backs, shoulders, and more. Pain management should be versatile—and with our Tommie Copper® infrared body wraps, you’ll get safe, hassle-free relief you can count on.

Innovative Technology

For decades, Tommie Copper® has been pioneering the way in copper compression wear. From traditional clothing to our sleep products, our team has curated a comprehensive inventory of pain relief products you can trust. We’re proud to have the infrared therapy wrap in our collection. It utilizes the deep, penetrating power of infrared light therapy to target sore muscles and help ease your pain.

Feel Better Now!

Pain shouldn’t last all day, and with infrared body wraps, topical pain cream, and compression wear, Tommie Copper® is making it easy for customers across the globe to get the pain relief they deserve. Whether you have aching arthritic joints or have tired legs after being on your feet all day for work, you’ll find what you need right here. Experience all compression has to offer and feel confident wearing it all day. After all, compression only works when you wear it. Shop our collection for more and feel better now!

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