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Pain Relief Liquid Spray

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STYLE NO: 843041121149

About the product

Tommie Copper® Muscle Pain Spray

This product makes it easy to ease your pain and help you feel better. The muscle pain spray from Tommie Copper® offers you immediate relief from pain that gets in the way of your day. Unlike other analgesic sprays, we’ve developed a non-greasy, quick-drying menthol spray that will provide you temporary relief from sore muscles and aching joints. When you need relief you can count on, reach for Tommie Copper®.

Spray the Pain Away

We know how annoying aches and pains can be, and our muscle spray offers pain relief that your body needs. Whether you’ve been hitting the arm and shoulder weights hard or your arthritis is flaring up, our muscle pain spray is perfect for all types of pain. Our no-mess spray bottle is easy to use for a no-fuss application.

Products You Can Trust

We are the trusted original compression wear brand. We started it all. Our gloves, socks, pants, shirts, and more have been providing support for muscles and joints and aiding in recovery too. From pain management with an analgesic spray, like our Pain Relief Liquid Spray, to supportive compression wear, we have the products you need to perform your best at all times. Shop worry-free with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and manage your pain now!

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