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2-Pack Community Wear™ Face Masks with Filter Pocket

+ Filter Pocket
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About the product
Designer Notes
Fabric and Care

Comfort & Safety

When you’re wearing something on your face it needs to be as comfortable as possible, and the Tommie Copper® reusable stretch face mask is designed to be just that. This face mask comes with a filter pocket, so you can easily swap out your old filter for a new one. Plus, it’s easy to wash and dries quickly. When you need a face mask, it’s important to have one you can trust, and the Tommie Copper® team has taken the time to provide our customers with compression wear and accessories they can rely on.

All-Day Wear

The reusable stretch face mask is designed to be comfortable all day. Whether you only need it on for a couple of minutes or have to go hours with it on, it won’t irritate skin while it wicks away moisture and fights odor with our proprietary Copper Znergy® technology. For extra peace of mind, the Tommie Copper® face mask comes with a filter pocket so you can choose your desired level of filtration.

Experience The Benefits of Compression!

Compression is for anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re looking to relieve aching arms after a pump at the gym or need to increase circulation to arthritic joints, there’s something for everyone at Tommie Copper®. Our men’s and women’s compression wear have everything you need from head to toe, and we also offer sleep solutions, topical pain creams, and more. Learn about all compression can do for you on our blog and shop for your reusable stretch face mask today!

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