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Women's Recovery Compression Half Finger Gloves


The Motion Compression Half Finger Gloves help you keep your grip on a pain-free life. The half finger design provides comfortable soothing copper compression on the hand and wrist while leaving your fingertips free for writing and typing on computers or phones. Silicone gripper palms provide maximum grip to take on any task. Cool Copper ™ technology  helps keep your hands dry and cool.

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

Our proprietary fabric is 100% copper and zinc-infused. Zinc offers anti-odor protection by inhibiting the growth of odor causing microbes on the fabric. Zinc also offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays for advanced skin health benefits.

COOL COPPER™ provides advanced wicking and breathability that helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when life heats up.


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Professional pianist - I wear them ALL the time!

I'm a professional pianist and I've been having major problems with my pinky and the tendon between it and my ring finger in my right hand. I've been to a hand specialist and he's pretty much told me I'll have to live with it. The only thing that has helped has been these compression gloves. I wear them ALL the time! I only wish that you had them in a flesh color. Since I play professionally, the black stands out quite a bit. Please make them in a flesh color! And it would be great if you made an XS. I have small hands! Thanks again though!

Small is Not Small Enough

I thought these would be awesome; however, they're quite loose in the thumb & wrist. I'm 5'8", 118lbs - I'm not THAT thin. Given that there are no girls' sizes, I think an XS in this and some other products is warranted. 2 stars is for good quality, nice color.

Half finger gloves

My first purchase was the half finger gloves in beige, Medium. The material on each finger was tucked under and sewn very nicely. I could feel a difference, so I ordered two more pair in black, Small. The material on these fingers look like they were hacked off with pinking shears - and just left that way. They are not "finished" in any way. I will keep them because I believe the gloves help. But am very disappointed with this lack of quality.

Wow! I wasn't expecting this!

I'm a photographer, so I'm either holding a DSLR in my hands or fiddling around on the computer while I edit the RAW files of my photos. I have days where my hands and wrists ache very badly. I put on my half-finger gloves the day I got them and I wore them all day. I only took them off to shower and when I did the dishes. By the end of the day (maybe ten hours of wearing the gloves), the dull ache I had in my hands was gone. I slept that night, with the gloves under on and then I purposefully did some activities that I KNEW would cause my hands to stiffen and cramp up. But it didn't happen. The worst my hands have gotten in the last 48 hours was a mild discomfort but that dissipated much quicker than it normally would have. I am completely amazed don't quite understand or even really believe in the copper healing agent, but even so- these are the most comfortable compression gloves I've ever worn. I can do everything I normally do while wearing them. They aren't so much COMPRESSING my hands as they are gently embracing them. I've had other compression gloves that seemed to crush my fingers but these are great. I ordered my college daughter a pair and the wrist sleeves and I'm going to get myself a pair of the full gloves to wear while I sleep. The half-finger gloves are going in my camera bag, because not only do my hands feel better while wearing them, the palms have little grippy strips that really work.


I'm 35 years old and my passion is painting. Unfortunately my hands weren't as passionate as I was. I've tried everything I can find other then taking a pill everyday. Other compression gloves were never tight enough on my small hands to do any good. My grandmother recommended the half-finger gloves. I laughed at her, but finally decided to try them as a last ditch effort. The constant dull ache in my hands has been reduced tremendously thanks to the gloves. I'm a believer . . . . thank you Tommie Copper, for allowing me to do what I love!!!

My Tommy Copper experience

I first saw Tommy Copper on TV with the 8 time Rodeo Champ. Not only is he very good looking he is very convincing. If Tommy Copper could do for him I figured it was worth a try for little ol me. My gloves arrived and I wore them all night and by morning I was raising my coffee cup and using my hand to open the door to let the dogs out. I have an hour to drive to the doctors and the gloves have been a god send. I was so excited I told everyone I was ready for a full body wrap but I guess I'll settle for the clothing that's available. I tell everyone about Tommy Copper and 'I am Tommy Copper' Thank you so very much !! Stay tuned for my next Testimonial when I can afford a pair of capri's and a tank top.

wearing them 24/7

I have been teaching art for 29 years. At the end of the day, I could barely grip the steering wheel of my car. These gloves have changed my life. I was wearing them 24/7 now I just wear them at night. Thank you! Our PE teacher turned me on to your products.

Thank you for such a wonderful product

I have used my hands on many repetitive jobs. They were hard jobs. Sometimes It hurts to grip things and to write. The gloves are like a miracle. I can do everything now. They are like a second skin and I forget that they are there. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Kudos to Tommie Copper!

My daughter bought these gloves for me to help provide support for my hands. I have tried several different compression gloves, but nothing works like Tommie Copper. I have ordered more and I have not taken them off, except when I have to (showering, cooking, etc.). This is a wonderful product and it works. I had a problem with my first pair of gloves and Tommie Copper's Customer Service was amazing!!! Not only did they send me out a new pair they were so quick in responding that I was totally impressed. This is a company that stands behind its products! Kudos to Tommie Copper! Buy Tommie Copper - you just cannot go wrong.

Thank You Tommie Copper!

Thank You Tommie Copper! We purchased one set of knee sleeves two months ago. They provided excellent relief for my husband's knees. We then ordered compression shorts, socks, compression shirts, wrist sleeves and the fingerless gloves. I let my mom and dad try the compression gloves and wrist sleeves and within 20 minutes both felt considerable improvement in the stiffness and pain in their hands. I let them keep the gloves and sleeves for gifts.They went home then and ordered a large selection of Tommie Copper items for themselves. The Tommie Copper products have done as advertised.The customer service has been outstanding. My overall experience with both Tommie Copper products and service has been excellent. I highly recommend these products for anyone. Many thanks, Sierra Cotton


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