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Men's Recovery Compression Half Finger Gloves


The Motion Compression Half Finger Gloves help you keep your grip on a pain-free life. The half finger design provides comfortable soothing copper compression on the hand and wrist while leaving your fingertips free for writing and typing on computers or phones. Silicone gripper palms provide maximum grip to take on any task. Cool Copper™ technology helps keep your hands dry and cool.

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

Our proprietary fabric is 100% copper and zinc-infused. Zinc offers anti-odor protection by inhibiting the growth of odor causing microbes on the fabric. Zinc also offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays for advanced skin health benefits.

COOL COPPER™ provides advanced wicking and breathability that helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when life heats up.


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Great recovery not so great quality

I received a pair of gloves a few weeks back. I must admit that when I put it on ( I only use the right hand one) there is some relief. I have chronic pain in my right hand and these do seem to help. My only complaint is that the rubber grips are starting to peel off and it LOOKS like I may be having some seam issues shortly. I am concerned that they may fail me and I will have to spring for another pair which is expensive for me since I only need the right hand. I spoke with support about my concerns to no avail.Would I recommend Tommie Copper?? I believe so but I would also make people aware that there maybe some issues with quality.

RE: Great recovery not so great quality

Thank you for your review. I apologize for any inconvenience, it sounds as though you may have received a damaged product. Please feel free to contact customer service so that they can send you a replacement. They can be reached at 855-866-6432 or

A Remarkable Improvement

I have pain in the thumb and palm area of my right hand. I figured I would try the Tommie Copper Half Finger Gloves. While they are not a complete cure I have noticed a remarkable improvement since I received them. I wear them every night [on both hands] and on days when the condition is really flaring up I will wear them for several hours during the day. Overall I am happy with the results. I have been wearing them consistently for about two months and they have not stretched out of shape and there is no problem with the logo wearing. I can't understand why people make that one of their main complaints anyway. Are you wearing these products for the potential therapeutic properties or just so that people see you in your trendy Tommie Copper wear?

My Honest Review

I ordered your fingerless gloves and your elbow sleeve. In the first few days of wearing the sleeve the logo started peeling off and the fingerless gloves in less than a month started fraying around the edges and I developed a hole in the seam on the side. I called your customer service department because for the money I paid I expected a better product than I received. The person on the other end didn't seem to care about my situation, but proceeded to tell me how I could pay to ship it back and then they would send me new products. I wasn't happy with that answer so I wrote the company and explained to them my situation and how I felt about the product and the customer service. I was contacted the next day with an apology and that they would be happy to send me new products at no cost to me, that was the customer service I was looking for. My honest opinion is that the gloves are great, but I'm still not completely satisfied with the sleeve. If it were a couple of inches longer I think it would be better for me,but the way it is now I'm constantly having to pull at it so that it covers my elbow and part of my arm. The question is would I buy or advise you to buy Tommie Copper products? Yes, I would. I just wanted to be honest about all aspects of my buying experience with you and your products. Tracey West

relief but poor quality

Bought 2 pairs, received them, seam Ripped when putting 1st pair on. Afraid to Open the second pair. For the amount paid For the product, would like to think it would Been sewn better or have had better quality Control.

RE: relieves pain but poor quality

I am very sorry for your negative experience. We would be happy to replace your damaged product. Please contact our customer service department at 855.866.6432 and they would be happy to assist you.


I purchased a few of TC products in Jan & Feb 2014; I began using the compression shorts, fingerless gloves and wrist bands in March. April, I noticed the gloves began tearing at the seams around the thumb. I called TC and explained what was happening and was told that as the 60 day warranty had expired, a replacement could not be honored, however, I could re-order with a 10% discount…I declined. My suggestion to all would be to use the product as soon as you received them to avoid this situation. I have not had a problem with the shorts, wristbands or knee compression sleeves (other than the name coming off the sleeves), Other than the tear in the gloves, I find that the products I ordered truly work as designed; I’m recently retired military who has had a few surgeries on knees and wrist; TC definitely help with continuing to be able to workout.

Quality relief, Sub-Par Quality manufacturing

These gloves are almost a miracle for when i put them on it is almost an immediate relief for the aching in my hands. Now for my qualms: * Poor stitching quality (seams are dethreading after only 3 weeks * No hem on finger cut offs (the fabric is fraying, a simple hem could have prevented this * Sewn in China ( I could have bought the full finger gloves, cut the fingers off, and hemmed them myself) I am on a fixed budget and paid 24.50$ for gloves that are falling apart faster than work gloves. I have paid upwards of 40$ for quality performance gloves for construction and firearms usage...I would gladly pay 40$ for these gloves if: A. They were made only in the USA B. The fingers didnt look as though just cut off from the full gloves and sold as-is C: Hems were either correctly terminated or sealed to prevent them unraveling I like this product, it works better than any medicine, injection or cream/ointment i have used, I also work wit Chiropractic Sports medicine clinics and have been giving the Tommie Copper name acclaim, but now i feel like i may have turned people onto a good idea but with poor product assembly. I hope that you work on the quality of the tailoring of this apparel as i do want to extend my collection.

RE: Quality pain relief, Sub-Par Quality manufacturing

Thank you for your feedback. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, it sounds like you have received a damaged product. Please contact our customer service team so that they can assist you with a replacement. They can be reached at 855-866-6432 or

Great Gloves But....

I work with a computer so the half finger work better for me. However, I would suggest having the fingers longer. If they covered more of the finger but left the finger tips and pad open they would help more.


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