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Women's Recovery Compression Shorts


The Journey Compression Shorts help you stride with confidence. Patented 4D compression supports muscles and joints to promote oxygen delivery and reduce stiffness and soreness. Copper Znergy™ fabric combines copper and zinc for permanent anti-odor protection and Cool Copper™ technology wicks away moisture so that you can enjoy relief and improved recovery all day.

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The more you buy the more you save! Save $15.00 on every two pairs of this product you buy. Mix and match sizes and colors. (Not Valid With Other Offers)




Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

High density copper and zinc-infused fabric offers natural anti-odor technology, delivering anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection while improving skin health.

COOL COPPER™ technology is engineered into our Copper Znergy™ fabric providing advanced wicking that pulls moisture from the skin keeping you cool when life heats up.


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wonderful product

I purchased two pair of women's shorts to try and was amazed. When I put these on I felt such relief! I have tried natural supplements and other things with no help. I would recommend this product to everybody. I just ordered two more and two knee sleeves as I had surgery on my knee cap in 2012. My hope is that these shorts will come in white soon. Thank you to Tommie Copper for this wonderful product.

Shorts-wear them everyday!

I love these shorts. If I could afford it I would buy all of the Tommie Copper products and wear them everyday!

Tommie Copper Works

I bought JoAnn some Tommie Copper shorts.....below are her words... If you know someone in need of relief, I urge you to try this for product! Thank you Kevin Phillips for finding this site and getting these shorts for me!


I bought the compression shorts for my Mom for Christmas because she has been complaining about hip pain when she sleeps. Well, she has only had them off long enough to wash them and put them right back on! She said she is sleeping much better and, in general, feels better! We ordered knee sleeves, a shirt and another pair of shorts and are anxiously waiting for their delivery! My only disappointment ishow long it has taken for this second order to arrive...ordered on 1st and still not here by 13th! Apparently, TC uses UPS to deliver to USPS and that is where the system appears to break down. Next time I will pay for Federal Express and guarantee I get my stuff in a timely manner.

Love love the shorts

I am so in love with the shorts. I had 2 hip surgeries last year and knew that if i when i went back to work i would feel discomfort because of being on my feet for over 10 hrs. Well, i just got the shorts (2 pair) today and have had them on all day and i feel great! I'm very pleased with your products and will continue to order more, i already have two knee sleeves. I have recommended your line to other people. Best $ i ever spent, Thank You!

I just love your shorts!

I just love your shorts! My darling husband saw an ad and bought me a pair of compression shorts as an early Christmas present. I have been wearing them for two weeks now. I am so amazed, at first I was skeptical, until I went grocery shopping yesterday. These things are so amazing, phenomenal, OMG. Not only did I complete grocery shopping, but I was able to do so much more around the house afterwards. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. My next purchase is going to be the capri pants, so I can get the same benefit for my knee. If you are on the fence about this purchase, my suggestion is just do it! The benefits of this product is amazing.

I'm a believer!

I admit, I was a huge skeptic. There was no way a simple garment would help me. But, I am happy to say I was WRONG! I don't fully understand how it works but all the Tommie Copper garments I bought have helped me greatly. Last night I slept for a solid 8 hours for the first time in almost 2 years! Usually the discomfort in my hip wakes me every 2-3 hours. Thank you Tommie Copper for giving me some life and sleep back!! Xoxo Now if he could only come up with a head peice of some kind for my migraines...

Review is for customers that return items for re-sizing.

This review is for customers who are returning Tommie Copper items with the intention to re-size the product ordered . Please return the items with the invoice that came with the ordered items. Ask for a refund and go to the TC website and order the correct size you need and ship according to your pain issues. (Expedite if the pain is quite bothersome). I am not posting this to bash Tommie Copper or its policies, only to get you into the right size faster for the relief of your pain. The turn around time for exchanging sizes is not worth the pain I watched my wife experience during the postal/exchange process. She has used the compression shorts for 3 days and she is experiencing relief in her hips and lower back/upper buttock region. Thank You, Tommie Copper for creating such a wonderful product! I will continue to update her experience within a few weeks.

Compression Shorts - YES

May sound silly but 1st time I put them on - I felt a difference! I will buy more items for sure !

Women's Compression Shorts

I got these shorts on Friday and have not had them off except to go to the gym to swim and shower. I have a bad SI joint in my back and have pain all down my left side all the way to my knee. Since I put them on, the pain has gotten steadily better. I have ordered another pair of the shorts and a pair of the capri's as well. I am totally happy with this product.


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