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Everyday Support

Promote Comfort

All Tommie Copper® accessories for women, from compression gear to weighted blankets, are designed to ease pain and promote comfort. Support aching joints, contribute to better sleep, and live in wearable wellness with thoughtfully engineered products from Tommie Copper®.


Extra Support

Speed Up Recovery

Exercise works best when you take care of yourself post-workout, too. That’s why Tommie Copper® women’s accessories are designed to facilitate recovery. Whether you’re shopping for one of our cooling towels, therapy wraps, or a back brace, you’ll see better results with products from Tommie Copper®.


Ultimate Support

Copper Znergy®

Our patented Copper Znergy® technology provides best-in-class anti-odor benefits. It nips unpleasant smells in the bud by preventing odor-causing microbes from growing on the fabric. And it never washes out, so the benefits last the life of the Tommie Copper® garment or accessory.

Tommie Copper® Accessories For Women

Whether you need something specific or you’re testing out compression garments before investing in a larger item, Tommie Copper® has options for you. Our accessories are purpose-built, targeting complex body parts and using advanced technology to help you live more comfortably every day.

Compression Benefits Your Whole Body

From small areas like your wrists to your entire body, compression can help. Tommie Copper® women’s accessories can support your muscles and joints, ease aches and pains, promote better blood circulation, and aid in muscle recovery and reduce swelling after a workout (or just a long day).

Find The Right Size For You

Even accessories from the Tommie Copper® women’s collection have different sizes, and finding the right one for you is important. You only get the full benefits of compression when you’re wearing it and it fits correctly.

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