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Women's Recovery Compression Short Sleeve Shirt


The Liberate Compression Shirt is a breath of fresh air. The V-Neck allows for maximum breathability and makes this shirt comfortable to layer under clothes for work or casual activities. The 4D compression supports muscles and joints in your shoulders, back, and torso to help relieve stiffness and soreness. Cool Copper™ technology regulates moisture and airflow to make this a comfortable layer all day and even to sleep.   

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles

Stabilizing muscles

Provides soothing warmth

High density copper and zinc-infused fabric offers natural anti-odor technology, delivering anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection while improving skin health.

COOL COPPER™ technology is engineered into our Copper Znergy™ fabric providing advanced wicking that pulls moisture from the skin keeping you cool when life heats up.


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After 10 years of pain finally relief!

I had Boerhaaves syndrome 10 years ago where they had to cut me across my back to go to the front of my body to get a skin graft from my chestwall cavity to repair the hole in my esophagus. For the last 10 years I thought this pain was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I have been wearing my Tommie copper to bed every evening for the past year. Just noticed I am not having pain like I use to bear. I know when I bought this I would try or pay anything to get relief from the pain. So thankful for this product but it is well worth the money spent. I just want to buy the wrist, the ankle, and the knee, so wish with all these other products needed it was a little less costly.

Socks, shirt, Wrist band, Gloves

Four family members are using Tommie Copper and the results have been incredible. The Pink compression socks have given me a new look on life, from head to foot they have helped beyond belief. They are a bit spendy, BUT worth every cent.... Thank you TOMMIY COPPER Sue, 81 yrs, old

Amazing Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say is Tommie Copper is amazing. The compression short sleeve shirts have helped support the muscles around my back so much. I also ordered an ankle sleeve for both my ankles and a pair of capris. The capris make the joints in my hips feel so much better and my knees feel great. I sleep with my ankles sleeves on, and thanks to Tommie Copper, i am able to have a great night’s sleep. Thank you Tommie Copper!!! Sincerely, A very happy customer in Ontario Canada,

Neck, shoulder & back relief

I just need MORE!!! With my addition orthopedic issues, I must lose weight & would not consider going hard without my Tommie Copper equipment.

Changed my life! 4 real...

I received my shorts and shirt put them on and wore them to bed. I woke up amazed!!!! I had actually slept the night and I have not felt this good in years. I am still in amazement as to how this product works when nothing else I have tried has... but it does! I feel like my old self again! You have to try this product. It has given me back my life:)

Can you make a women's

Can you make a women's compression sports bra? I would love one of those:) also I wear smocks to work and I always wear tank tops underneath. Tank tops would be very useful. Thank you for all your great products! !!

On May 30, 2013 my wife and I

On May 30, 2013 my wife and I ordered 2 knee sleeves, 2 elbow sleeves, 1 men's SS shirt and one pair of woman's shorts. Order arrived at noon, Saturday (June 1st). We put the items on - within 3-5 minutes, we both noticed considerable support. WOW! I'm a disabled veteran who served on active duty in the US Army for 35 and 1/2 years. Those years included combat duty, parachute duty and service with Special Forces and US Army Special Operations. While I was never wounded, I did experience numerous injuries, which resulted in my VA disability rating. I have lived with pain for almost 50 years and have found little relief. Tommie Copper products REALLY work! My wife has worked for 21 years, as a WALMART Associate, which required much time standing and has suffered with pain in recent years. Tommie Copper has changed her by providing supportive relief. TOMMIE COPPER is great! Sincerely, Dr C. H. Shortsleeve,III, PhD (Sgt. Maj. US Army Retired)

I love my Tommie Copper

I love my Tommie Copper shirt. Wearing Tommie Copper has greatly improved my mobility and provided great supportive relief. I will be buying more soon!

This product is truly

This product is truly astonishing!!I suffer from right shoulder joint pain. I have had multiple shots and finally had surgery in Oct. I still was having pain. I thought I would need shots for the rest of my life even though they were not working that well either. I could barely lift my arm above shoulder height. I was up late one night because I could not sleep due to shoulder pain and saw this Tommy Cooper informercial. I was skeptical at first but thought well what do I have to lose, I'll give it a try. I couldn't wrap my head around how this very thin piece of material was gonna help. BUT IT DID!! WOW!!! That first night I was amazed! It's now been 3 days of relief!! Unbelieveable! It's like magic!! I have been wearing it since the moment I've opened it! Now I just need to buy more because I don't ever want to be without my Tommy Cooper shirt! I can't remember the last time I felt this good! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for this unbelievable product! To anyone out there wondering if they should get this product or not, STOP wondering and GET IT!!!! Leslie Wenz

Everything hurt- until a week

Everything hurt- until a week ago when I ordered Tommie Copper- it's a miracle! Wish I had done it sooner! I am a published author- my autobiography will surely include a mention of this incredible product. My mom suffers from chronic knee pain and she too has experienced substantial supportive relief from this product! This stuff works! Can I be a spokeswomen? I tell everyone about this stuff- people who have watched me struggle see me back to my old self! I feel great! I am going out to but a bicycle! Deirdre Villa- Author The Guardians Among Us


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