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Women's Recovery Compression Ankle Sleeve


The Thrive Compression Ankle Sleeve keeps your joints supported so you can keep moving. Patented 4D compression reduces stiffness and soreness and promotes oxygen flow so that you recover faster and stay active. Made with Cool Copper™ technology, this ankle sleeve is lightweight wicks away moisture so you can wear it comfortably with socks and other footwear.

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

High density copper and zinc-infused fabric offers natural anti-odor technology, delivering anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection while improving skin health.

COOL COPPER™ technology is engineered into our Copper Znergy™ fabric providing advanced wicking that pulls moisture from the skin keeping you cool when life heats up.


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Great Support

It is true what everyone has been writing about. Moment I put them on I sensed a difference. Good product. I will be purchasing more items.

I am a believer!

I am a believer. Thank you for having a huge impact on my quality of life, xo.

Ankle compression sleeve

Just bought the Ankle and knee sleeves and I love them! The Staff at the Mt. KIsco store were great! Very helpful!

LOVE my Tommie Copper

I decided to try order some Tommie Copper garments and give them a try. I have the ankle, elbow and wrist sleeves, full finger gloves, leggings and short sleeve shirt. They are so much more comfortable than the traditional medical garments. And for 1/2 the price, got twice the body coverage with Tommie Copper. To get coverage for my hips, with traditional garments would have to order pantyhose like material. How long would that last wearing them every day! With Tommie Copper, they are made of a better quality material that will last. Within a couple hours if receiving them, I went online and ordered more Tommie Copper! And customer service was AWESOME! Every time I emailed them, they got back to me within 24 hours. I am a life long customer!

ankle support

I broke my ankle back in 2006 and was using ankle supports from a drug store. I received my tommy copper ankle support and it's WONDERFULL. It's light weight and non constricting. Would recommend.

Love the ankle sleeve!

After wearing the TC ankle compression sleeve for 9 months, my mobility is so much better. I still wear the orthotics and I usually wear the TC sleeve 24/7. I now have 3, so I always have a clean fresh one when needed. After 9 months of daily wear, I notice the first 2 are beginning to lose a little of their elasticity and bunch a bit as I put on my shoe, but I can't complain because this product has helped so much. The cost of these, worn consistently for 9 months = priceless!

Give this product a try!!!!!!

I bought two ankle sleeves because of ankle pain. After putting my Tommie Copper ankle sleeves on in an hour I noticed the pain was starting to go away, It started at a slow pace and by the next morning my ankles were feeling much better! I also have a ankle brace on my left foot and the past week I have not needed it! Today I even wore sandles with no pain in my ankles or feet! Give this product a try!!!!!!

im pretty excited to get this

im pretty excited to get this one ;) i order a pair today , been reading with the reviews so looking forward to heal my plantar fasciitis thank you tommiecopper !! love your product :)

Absolutely helps!

After multiple visits to my foot doctor and a single visit to a surgeon, I was convinced I would have to endure my foot/ ankle pain until I broke down and had surrey. My sister, a nutrition expert, suggested Tommy Copper, for the electrical healing purposes....needless to say, I was highly skeptical. Wow,was I wrong!.....this ankle sleeve is not a compression sleeve,FYI. It fits like a dress sock. I was thinking it was like a true compression sleeve,super tight. I will say that this is not some mythical ,magical sleeve that I put on and all was well....this sleeve HAS made a huge difference however...I've worn it now for 8 months....I am running again,with lots less pain..I wear it around the clock...when I do take it off,and forget to wear it ,or just delay wearing it,I can totally feel a difference...It has made a difference for me.

customer service

Your products have helped me a lot. Have had JRA and am always looking for products that keep me mobile and help me stay active. I had recently bought ankle sleeves but was unable physically to try them on until way after the exchange period. When I did try them on, their were too small. Customer Service (Mendoza) was very helpful to exchange the products because of my circumstances. The ankle sleeves have reduced my usual swelling that comes with my body suit issues and the other products have helped me stay active and mobile.


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