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Men's Recovery Compression Short Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt


The Moxie Compression Shirt keeps you energized to the core. This shirt supports the muscles and joints throughout your shoulders, back, and torso to help you stay active without stiffness and soreness. Cool Copper™ moisture management technology regulates moisture and airflow to make this a comfortable layer for the whole day and even to sleep.

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

Our proprietary fabric is 100% copper and zinc-infused. Zinc offers anti-odor protection by inhibiting the growth of odor causing microbes on the fabric. Zinc also offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays for advanced skin health benefits.

COOL COPPER™ provides advanced wicking and breathability that helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when life heats up.


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It Really Works

After decades of narcotic medication, physical therapy, all manner of prosetheses etc. I have strengthened my body and train in several forms of martial arts now. I use the recovery compression tee, knee sleeves and ankle sleeve, did not want to believe these products would work-THEY WORK! I take the time to write this review for the edification of potential purchasers not Tommie Copper. I rely upon reviewer's comments and want to do my part to the community. I had a very intense three day martial arts seminar which allowed me to most thoroughly test my products and they passed with flying colours!

Size choices have a real "hole" in them

Got 2 of the Short Sleeve T-shirts as a gift. I think I would like them if they only fit better. I am 6'7" and am sure they are designed for someone 5'10" to 6". I just cant get into wearing a midrif and the gap from the bottom of the shirt is beyond its stretch capacity to cover. If they ever start making tall sizes for those of us 6'3" or more, I might try again. Until then, if you are much over 6' and dont have a pierced navel you want to show off, maybe you should pass.

Life Changing

I purchased your product for my Dad who is 90 years old. He had been suffering from severe discomfort in his shoulder and knee for years. Since he has been wearing Tommie Cooper he can lift his arm above his head and he does not use his knee brace at all!! I know that your product was not designed for the elderly but I wanted you guys to know how great its been in our lives. My Dad is an active 90 and he still drives but Tommie Cooper has been a welcome addition, providing the relief he needs!! Thank you very much!!

Elbow sleeve

I ordered the XL elbow sleeve and it's great. Measured my arm at a 1/2 over its a bit snug but I can't complain about the results. I deliver appliances for a living and the aching in my left elbow almost had me on light duty. It seems to improve everyday with the sleeve. Trying everything I can to get coworkers on the bandwagon. I am about to get a few compression shirts to see if my shoulder issues are just as easily treated with Tommie copper

poor customer service

I placed a order for 2 elbow sleeves and a compression shirt. I realized right away that I had ordered the wrong size shirt, I purchased a shirt in the past and they run way small. I started a live chat to change the size and was informed that they could not change the order even though I had ordered it less than 30 minutes ago.I was informed that I would have to receive the shirt return it then wait for the right size which in past experience would take about a month and a half. This is the worst customer service I have ever received from a business. You would think that when you spend $100 a business would have better customer service than this. buyers beware.

RE: poor customer service

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately once an order is placed we are not able to modify its contents as we attempt to process and package all orders as quickly as possible to ensure swift shipping and delivery. I hope that you enjoy your products once you have exchanged for the proper size. I would recommend trying on the items that you receive to make sure that they are in fact, not the correct size - you may just find that the sizes ordered fit after all.

I Think It Works

Bought an XL compression T-shirt a few weeks ago. I tried out a shirt for both my wife and I. I'm 43 and have lower back tightness, bringing walking/running exercises now to near zero. Legs can go, but back says no. I think the shirts do help. Recommended the site to a couple folks. I have a bit of a gut now, and a little stocky at 5'8, 230 lbs. Got an XL. It's pretty tight, so wife won't let me wear it outside unless another over it...Just ordered 2XL in several colors. It may be time for a new mattress with more support too, but there does appear to be a noticeable difference when I wake up and have on my TC vs. a week when I didn't. My wife (size 6) wanted to go up a size to female L from a M. I've noticed she hasn't complained about back pain in a month, and she's a vocal complainer :). Now that I've ordered several, will try to walk/run in again in TC. Hopefully back muscles won't lock up again. That's frustrating.

Perfect Product

I ordered the compression short sleeve and the sleeveless shirt and both are absolutely amazing. I am in the military and have pains all over my body to include a recent grade 3 separation of my left shoulder. I wear the short sleeve at night and sometimes when I sleep. I almost immediately felt relief in my shoulder and back. I also work out just about every day. I wear the sleeveless while I work out. My body feels less sore and ready to go the next day. I'm not sure how it works but I assure you it DOES! I will be ordering the socks next. If you have tried everything else and searching for that last option I would HIGHLY recommend these products.

Great product

I have purchased the compression shirt, half gloves, elbow sleeve and calf socks. These items work great!!! The only problem I have that is after a month of use the stitch has unraveled in the shirt and the gloves so I will need to replace them.

Thank Heaven for Tommie Copper!

I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, played baseball and football throughout my school years, worked parking planes on the USS Enterprise for 6 years then worked in heavy construction after I left the Navy. I have had a total of 11 rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders and 3 neck fusions. Needless to say, severe pain is a part of my daily life and has caused me to barely be able to do such routine chores as care for my yard or even enjoy the sports I once loved as a kid. It is a struggle for me to hunt, but I do it to put meat in my freezer because I now live on a fixed income due to my disabilities. I saw the infomercial for Tommie Copper. I figured if it works for professional bull riders then it might help me. I purchased the compression undershorts and short sleeved shirt. I decided to sleep in both the shirt and shorts and could not believe the relief I felt when I woke up the next morning! I would do a commercial for Tommie Copper if they would let me! I will eventually save up and purchase the pants and long sleeved shirts as well. If you wanna take my Tommies from me you'd have to shoot me for 'em, and you better have good aim! Thank Heaven for Tommie Copper! -Mike H. in Tennessee


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