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Men's Recovery Compression Elbow Sleeve


The Vantage Compression Elbow Sleeve is an essential item for those with elbow pain. Patented Copper Znergy™ fabric delivers copper, zinc and compression directly to your elbow for lasting pain relief and quicker muscle recovery. Its thin, invisible profile means you can wear it under a shirt and the comfortable 4D stretch allows you to wear it all day long, even to bed. 

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Speeds muscle and joint recovery

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain

Helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness

Helps enhance muscle and joint mobility

Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles

Stabilizes muscles

Provides soothing warmth

High density copper and zinc-infused fabric offers natural anti-odor technology, delivering anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection while improving skin health.

COOL COPPER™ technology is engineered into our Copper Znergy™ fabric providing advanced wicking that pulls moisture from the skin keeping you cool when life heats up.


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Great Fit But Poor Craftsmanship

I received the elbow sleeves about a week ago. When I first opened the package, I was shocked to see how small they were; I expected them to be a bit longer. When I put them on, it was a tight fit at first. After a day or two, they stretched enough to fit perfectly. I will say, they are now very comfortable to wear and I almost forget they are on. The one downfall is that the logos are all peeling off! They look as if I have had them for years! It makes them look very cheap! I got to the point where I started to peel off the remaining letters. I'm almost embarassed to be seen wearing them. I hope they fix this problem.

RE: Great Fit But Poor Craftsmanship

Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to hear that the lettering on your sleeve is defective. Please contact customer service at 855-866-6432 and they would be happy to help you with a replacement.

I had severe tendonitis in my

I had severe tendonitis in my right elbow. A friend bought an elbow sleeve so I thought what the heck. I purchased it without knowing what to expect. As a baseball player I need full use of my arm as I am playing college ball next year so I needed instant relief. Let me tell you this sleeve did that and more. Sitting out the past 6 months I thought my baseball days were over but I slipped this bad boy on and within a couple days I was back to throwing. It is a fantastic product and you can bet I will be ordering from Tommie Copper from now on.

Pretty Good Buy

I like the feel of the sleeve, really soft and smooth but the logo came off pretty quickly. It was a lot shorter than in the photos. It fits perfectly but just too short. Kinda costly for something you didn't expect.

Stains and Logo Problems

Well I waited a good week for it and it was worth the wait, but when I actually opened the package, I found that part of the Tommie Copper logo had already been torn off and there were stains on it as well. And this is when I hadn't even taken it out of the box. Also, the Tommie Copper Elbow Sleeve I received did not look at all like the one in the picture.

RE: Stains and Logo Problems

I am very sorry to hear that your product arrived in such condition. Please contact our customer service department and they would be happy to send you a replacement. They can be reached at 855-866-6432 or at

Elbow Sleeve was amazing.

I just wanted to say that I had severe tennis elbow in my right elbow and mild tennis elbow in my left elbow. I originally bought this sleeve not knowing what to expect, but can whole heartedly express my gratitude to Tommie Copper for making such an outstanding product. My right elbow pain not only cleared up within a week of wearing this product, but I'm back to lifting weights again. Something I haven't been able to do since the end of last year. I am now wearing the sleeve on my left elbow, while I work out, and am nothing short of satisfied with this purchase. Well worth the price paid.

It Worked For My Tennis Elbow!

I purchased the TC Elbow Sleeve last fall due to the pain I was having in my right forearm. I went to my doctor and he told me I had tennis elbow. He prescribed me pain medicine and suggested that I purchase a tennis elbow band/strap and if the pain continued to come back in a couple weeks. Needless to say, the pain continued. I then sought treatment from my chiropractor. I am a police officer who does traffic enforcement and uses a handheld laser a lot and a former Honor Guard member. For someone prone to lower back pain, it was that time to see my chiropractor. Since I was going for that, I wanted to see if he could help with my elbow also. He helped a bit in the beginning but the pain was still there. I remembered seeing the TC adds about a year ago on TV and went to the website to see if they had anything for tennis elbow. I made my purchase and used the product soon as it arrived. I began noticing relief when I started wearing it and hoped this could be the answer. I wore the sleeve for around two months and haven't worn it since mid to late November. My tennis elbow hasn't come back and if it does, I know where my sleeve is. Thanks TC. Today, I just purchased the compression S/S shirts. I don't expect this to git rid of my back pain all together like the tennis elbow, but to help ease it/eliminate as much of it as it can.

poor quality, did nothing for me, poor customer service policy

I saw all the commercials and they were misleading. This sleeve did nothing for me. Do not waste your time or money. Best part was the return policy where the company steals your initials shipping costs and are not refundable. Yes, they did not refund the shipping cost that you pay for to have it shipped to you. So you pay for return shipping as well. A reputable company does not steal your initial shipping costs on a return. How pathetic. Do not buy from this company.

Great, but some improvement is needed.

I developed a horrible case of tennis elbow playing tennis and volleyball. It got so bad, that had to stop playing. After few months of physical therapy I ordered elbow sleeve to slowly start playing again. I am not sure if it actually relieves joint and muscular pain as it claims, but it is very comfortable, and gives me some level of security… I am actually enjoy wearing it. Few things: • I fell on the floor during v-ball game and got a small (about 5 mm) hall in a sleeve (on a tip of an elbow). Did not expect this happened so easily. • Tag on a sleeve definitely does not belong there. If we can make tagless underwear we should be able to make tagless sleeves. • For some reason sleeve does not stay in place. It slips down very often during the game and I have to adjust it constantly. ( I ordered it according to chart –Medium for circumference 12) Nevertheless, I enjoy wearing it, and give positive feedback to all my tennis and V-ball partners who is curious about this product.


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