Dara Torres Gets a Sneak Peak at Tommie Copper's New Compression Socks

Dara Torres gets a sneak peak at Tommie Copper's new compression socks that combine sports science and skin health benefits, taking performance to the next level.


I Am Tommie Copper: Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin describes his routine using Tommie Copper's recovery compression and how it has helped him with muscle recovery and performance, enabling him to have one of his best track seasons, beating Usain Bolt and winning the Diamond League.


Rhodie Lorenz: I Am Tommie Copper

Fitness instructor, business owner, wife, and mother: Rhodie Lorenz has mastered the art of balance. See how Rhodie, the co-founder of JoyRide Cycling Studio, uses Tommie Copper to help her look good and feel great whether the task at hand involves work, play, fitness or family. 



Dara Torres is one of the most celebrated Olympians in the world. From 1984 to 2008 she competed in five Olympics and earned twelve medals. Following the birth of her daughter, she returned to the Olympic stage at age 41 to win silver and prove that age really is just a number. Though no longer competing professionally, Torres is passionate about staying active and having apparel that energizes, feels comfortable, and looks fashionable. For Torres, Tommie Copper is the answer. 


Tommie Copper Presents: Life Recharged - The Female Show

Olympic Champion & Fitness Advocate Dara Torres introduces stories of six extraordinary people, including her own, which teach us that positivity can inspire us to great heights. Learn how Tommie Copper's performance and compression apparel helped each to reach their potential.


Tommie Copper Presents: Life Recharged - The Male Show

Olympic Champion & Fitness Advocate Dara Torres introduces six extraordinary people who teach us that positivity can inspire us to great heights. Learn how Tommie Copper's performance and compression apparel helped each to reach their potential.  


Innovations from Customers: The Patella Band

Learn a new way to wear your knee sleeve from Tommie Copper founder, Tom Kallish. Hear Tom explain how he learned a new technique for wearing his knee compression sleeve from fellow Tommie Copper users. The simple technique of folding up the bottom band to meet the knee provides extra support, acting as a substitute for a patella band.


Give the Gift of Relief: Gift Wrapping Now Available

Give the gift of relief! During the holiday season you can elect to have your order delivered in a gift box, along with a personalized message.


The West Jones Mustangs: We Are Tommie Copper

The Mustangs eat, sleep and breathe football. They train through the year just to play 12 games under the Friday night lights. Whether it's about performing better, recovering faster or relieving aches and pains, Tommie Copper's EnergyWear keeps them in the game longer.


Tommie Copper Introduces CopperZnergy

Tommie Copper's CopperZnergyTM fabric is infused with 100% copper and zinc. Zinc eliminates odor caused by microbes and protects against 90% of the sun's harmful rays for advanced skin health. 


Kara Liotta Talks Yoga with Tommie Copper

Kara Liotta talks Yoga and Meditation in Tommie Copper's new ActiveFit line. Recharge your Body + Soul. Tommie Copper's new compression Capri and ActiveFit tank are now available. Tommie Copper's new ActiveFit line is non-compression performance apparel infused with copper designed for everyday wear. Check out all our new ActiveFit line products at www.tommiecopper.com


How Can Tommie Copper Transform You

Tommie Copper has already transformed thousands of lives; how can Tommie Copper transform you?


Tommie Copper Presents: Behind the Fabric

Tommie Copper takes you on a journey that begins with a single thread. Watch as this thread is transformed into the intricate compression apparel that is helping people live in comfort and get back to the things they love doing.


Golf Pro John McPhee gets his game back

Whats the most important piece of golf equipment you own? John McPhee figures it out and plays better then he has in 6 years with the help of Tommie Copper.


Janet Hayden

Tommie Copper helps Janet Hayden exercise without pain leading to dramatic weight loss and lower cholesterol. See video below for story.


Iron Man Dr. Maroon

Tommie Copper TV follows 72 year old Iron Man Dr. Maroon on his journey to complete his 12th Iron Man half marathon with a little help from Tommie Copper.


Louis Raffio

Tommie Copper helps ex-firefighter Louis Raffio work out with less pain. The Tommie Copper knee compression sleeve helped Louis perform his everyday tasks, run his business successfully and get back in shape.


Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins shares his journey with chronic pain. Despite his pain, Michael continues to live his life and excel in the things he loves with help from Tommie Copper's supportive relief of aches and pains.