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Weighted Throw Blanket

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Relax with Tommie Copper®

After a long day, relax with a weighted throw blanket from Tommie Copper®. This 6lb weighted blanket is designed to envelop you in comfort and relieve stress. Whether you’re stressed out or just want to calm down after a tough day, a weighted throw blanket is always great to have in your home. At Tommie Copper®, we believe that health requires rest and relaxation. So, whether you’re hitting the gym hard with compression wear to relieve stress or cuddling up on the couch with a 6lb weighted blanket, Tommie Copper® has the products you need.

Feel Better Now!

Not many things in life are immediate, but the effects of our weighted throw blanket can be felt right when you put it on. The pressure and weight of the blanket are designed to calm you and help you relax. This makes a great addition to any home and is a perfect gift for anyone. Our 6lb weighted blanket offers gentle pressure that’s not overwhelming and has a super soft fabric for an extra-plush feeling. From our men’s and women’s compression wear to our mattresses and blankets, Tommie Copper® has what you need for ultimate relaxation and recovery.

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Ease your pain and get the latest from Tommie Copper®. Our products offer relief from aches and pains and support tired and stiff joints. From sore muscles to throbbing joints, our line of compression tops, bottoms, sleeves, and more will help you feel better and bring your best every day. Explore all we have to offer and improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and feel all the benefits of compression from Tommie Copper®. Shop now!

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