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Moisturizing Foot Cream

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About the product

Tommie Copper® Foot Moisturizer

If you have tough, cracked feet, try our foot moisturizer to get soft, luxurious skin you’ll love. Our moisturizing foot cream has a non-greasy formula with dimethicone to lock in moisture and help make cracked heels and rough feet smooth and touchable. We craft all our creams and formulas to provide you with a non-greasy finish that’s comfortable and won’t make a mess, so explore more topical treatments from Tommie Copper® to help you manage pain now!

More than Just Compression

Whether you’re looking for a compression back brace or want foot moisturizer, Tommie Copper® has you covered with the clothing, accessories, and formulas you need to help manage your pain. Whether you need relief after an intense gym session or your arthritis is flaring up, everyone can feel the benefits of compression. If you’re on your feet all day, our compression socks and moisturizing foot cream will give your feet the complete relief they need to keep you performing at your best.

Feel Better Now with Tommie Copper®!

If you want relief from dry skin and cracked heels, shop our foot moisturizer today! Our line of compression wear provides you with everything you need to help ease your pain, and our moisturizing foot cream and topical pain ointments aid in keeping you feeling and performing at your best. Shop now and explore more from Tommie Copper®!

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