LOOKING FOR RELIEF IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES: Common Triggers for Pain That You May Never Have Thought About

As a runner, I’ve always known that my aches and pains are largely self-inflicted, but after reading an interesting article on medicinenet.com, I realized that the pain may exist for reasons I never would have thought of. 

Nutrition & Joint Pain: TC interviews registered dietitian Jacqui Jarrett


Hippocrates, the Greek physician once said “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.” Over 2,000 years later, this statement is prescient in more ways than one as nutrition has proven to be a powerful weapon against many ailments and conditions. Tommie Copper had a chance to sit down with registered dietitian Jacqui Jarrett from Advantage Nutrition and Wellness and asked her some burning questions on how nutrition is related to joint pain and diseases and what we can do to find a little relief.