Tommie Copper Daily Giveaway

POSTED Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 BY Corra Tech

To celebrate two years of transformed lives we will be giving away everything we make to one person in need every day this month!

For your chance to win over $600 of Tommie Copper products sign up every day this month. Enter below.

Sweepstakes Period: The Sweepstakes starts every day at 10:00:00 AM EST and ends the following day at 09:59:59 PM EST. Competition Starts at 12:00:01 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on April 10th 2013 and ends on April 30th 2013 at 11:59:59 PM EST. 


Winner List: 

Day 1 April 10-11th: Jun Don, IL USA 

Day 2 April 11-12th: Kathy Robinson, NC USA

Day 3 April 12-13th: Juile Colter, NE USA

Day 4 April 13-14th: Freida Blakeman, WY USA

Day 5 April 14-15th: Kevin Wooton, ON Canada 

Day 6 April 15-16th: Mary VandenBrink, CO USA

Day 7 April 16-17th: David Blaine, NC USA 

Day 8 April 17-18th: Tabatha Higgins, NY USA 

Day 9 April 18-19th: Charlotte Wills, Lincolnshire, Great Britain

Day 10 April 19-20th: Miguel Arretche, CA USA 

Day 11 April 20-21st:  James Ferrari, PA USA 

Day 12 April 21-22nd: Sabina Edwards, SK, Canada 

Day 13 April 22-23rd: Cathie Blevins, ID USA 

Day 14 April 23-24th: Debora Ballin, NY USA 

Day 15 April 24-25th: Lily Lee, BC  Vancover BC, Canada 

Day 16 April 25-26th: James Doyle, Florida USA 

Day 17 April 25-27th: Brenda Erickson, Pinehurst, ID, USA

Day 18 April 27-28th: Mark Summers, CO, USA

Day 19 April 28-29th: Angela Walker, Beaumont, TX, USA 

Day 20 April 29-30th: Amy Parsons, Eaton, CO, USA 

Day 21 April 30th-May 1st: Kim Balduck, MI USA